28 July 2014

Secrets of Perseus

Indirectly searching
for the unobservable.
The majority is the abnormal,
viewable only from the side,
noticeable only from the pull.

Did you see it too?
Maybe it's really there.

Inspired by a recent news story about astronomical mysteries.

27 July 2014

Unexpectedly Alone

For a few moments,
I was post-apocalyptic.
In a place of many,
it was just me.

No one in the train.
No one in the hall.
No internet.
No cell phone.

Unexpectedly alone.

26 July 2014

Not Quite Right

The meter is just not right.
The rhymes are just not right.
And now I've rhymed
the same word twice.

Either too simple,
or too contrived.

The poem never feels quite right.

25 July 2014

Afternoon Rest

The tree leaned down
and said to me,
"The sun's quite bright today.
How about you sit in shade?"

The grass looked up
and said to me,
"Your feet seem quite tired.
How about you sit awhile?"

The breeze whispered
into my ear,
"It is quite hot just now.
How about I cool your face?"

Thank you, tall tree.
Thank you, soft grass.
Thank you, sweet breeze.
Same time tomorrow?

24 July 2014


Left to right,
right to left
Til all the hair is one.
Down the length
of your hair
Til the braid is done.

The Apple & The Knife

The apple says to the knife,
"Oh, what strife
to be cut by you this way."
"Well, you must be sliced,"
says the knife,
"for apples are snack today."