08 April 2012

Blue Teapot

Little blue teapot:
a toy a child forgot
sits waiting for the day
the child returns to play.

Found this in the yard the other day.

07 April 2012


Thought I'd play around with a new form today. So here are a couple quinzaines.

Quinzaine : The name comes from the French word meaning 15, quinze, describing the total number of syllables. There are three lines with 7/5/3 syllables. The first line is a statement, followed by two questions.

The palm leaves move with the wind.
How many are there?
How much wind?

Father has gone to the store.
When will he return?
What's for sale?

Grandma made yummy cookies.
How many for me?
Just one left!?


Early morning, not ready to stir.
Others, still in bed, breathe softly.
The fan moves air along the walls.
Birds make calls to one another.
LEaves rustle in a soft breeze.
Bugs vibrate in search of mates.
Even in the morning's stillness,
Life is sound.

So I wrote yesterday, but I forgot to post. Ah well, at least I'm still writing during my vacation if not quite keeping up with posts.

05 April 2012

St. George Street

Walking on the street,
people go around
as we amble,
browsing storefronts.

Chocolate shops,
ice cream parlors,
pizza dens, and
open air grilles

call us inside.
Smells wafting out
convince us to
take a long look.

We leave with a
pound of pralines
and caramel
for later.

We visited St. Augustine, FL today and walked along St. George. It's part historic district, part tourist trap, and part unique shops. It's a place I've visited a few times over the years, since it's close to my grandparents' place. If you're ever in northeast FL, I recommend it.

04 April 2012

Missing You

We're spending our days miles away. No matter how far, you're in my heart. Just sing me a song, and all night long you will be with me in my dreams.

03 April 2012

Gentle Haiku

an evening breeze
gently moving through palm leaves
caressing my cheek

02 April 2012


You know him?
You ever see him now?
  What's going on?
Said he said he'd done something?
  He said that?
What happened?
  Was it Monday yet?
  Can I talk?

Lines found in Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin

01 April 2012


Go to sleep, little baby.
Go to sleep, my dear. 
Mama's here, little baby.
There's nothing to fear.

Winkin, blinkin, and nod
Are waiting for you to come play.
Lay down and rest your bod,
Sleep off the cares of day.

Mama's here to watch you, 
And keep you close all night.
Mama will always love you.
So now, little dear, sleep tight.

The other day I felt the urge to wrote a lullaby. This is it. Not terrible, but it's a good thing babies don't critique poetry.