20 August 2011

Birthday Cake

My brother was born 
on my third birthday.
We've gotten good 
at sharing the day.

We come up with great cake ideas.
My favorite design so far
really bothered our mom.

Anatomically correct human heart cake:
red velvet cake with black and red icing,
four lobes and a few arteries and veins.
Dad did a great sculpting job on that one.

We turned 22 and 19 that year.

I found the cake especially hilarious as I was in Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy at the time. Grossness warning: this class involved bringing a freeze-dried pig heart home over Thanksgiving break to study for my final exam. Mom found it repulsive, which of course made it more fun to have around. :-)

Free Write Friday: What's your most memorable birthday?


  1. Heaven help me. And the cake beats again!

  2. Lol that's great! I just took a medical class & had to make a human heart that was edible. I used jello. Needless to say, yours is way better lol! Great entry for Free Write Friday!

  3. Ohhhhhh YUCK and double YUCK!
    Mind you, if it tasted nice... But.... (spits) LOL

  4. Marlene - It's an awesome cake!

    Kellie - Thanks. My dad took the idea and did all the work. He surprised my brother and me with the final creation, and we loved it.

    Daydreamertoo - It was delicious! lol

  5. That is unreal, impressive actually!

  6. Sheila - Dad's pretty good at cake sculpting. He's a creative structural engineer :-)

  7. That's hilarious! Have you ever seen the Cake Wrecks blog? You should enter it.

  8. Chroma - Thank you. And thanks for stopping by.

    AmethJera - I have seen the blog; it's awesome. I hadn't thought before to send in pictures because they're not wrecks and they're not professional. But, they are awesome!