15 August 2011


How many ways can one wear white?
tulle, chiffon, lace, silk
beaded, embroidery, buttons
mermaid, empire, a-line

All the colors of an extra-large crayon box
available for dresses and vests
You do have a color scheme, don't you?

You'll need a cake (or maybe two):
modern or classic?
vanilla, chocolate, lemon, or lavender
All are edible art!

Don't forget the gifts:
favors, parents, friends
Register now and get a free gift yourself!

Maybe we should elope...

On Sunday, I accompanied my college roommate to the Southern Bridal Show. So many brides. So many vendors. So many decisions. I wanted a nap after, and I'm not even the one getting married!


  1. shall we? hehe.. I love the cavalcade of sartorial white that marches the reader here

  2. Luke - Thank you, what a great comment to read