30 August 2011

Two Truths and One Lie

Today's prompt on NaBloPoMo is to tell two truths and a lie. I often get so into thinking about truths people won't believe that I can't come up with a matching lie. This time, I chose three things which have been included in previous posts. This means regular readers have an advantage, or you could do some treasure hunting by back-reading.

1. I like mustard.
2. I enjoy going to car shows.
3. Daisies are my favorite flower.

I'll post the answer in 24 hours (with the reference poems).

I'd love if you would play along, so please leave a comment. Guess which 1 sentence of mine is a lie and leave  three sentences for me to guess.


  1. I am guessing the car show is false.

  2. I am not going to guess do not want to give it away.

    1.Both my children have the same Birth month and day.
    2.I have seen every Harry Potter movie 3 times.
    3.I live with three men.

  3. Jess, knowing your environmental concerns, it's the car show. OK:

    1. I love action movies.
    2. I have an FBI file at least three inches thick.
    3. I don't believe Jesus' was a virgin birth.

  4. Shane - You were supposed to let me guess for you, too!

    Marlene - Number 2. I suppose it's fair to the others if my mom doesn't guess.

    Amy - I'll guess number 1. Partially because I kinda want 2 to be true, even thought it seems the most crazy.