14 August 2011

Evil Twin

Hello fabulous morning.
I enjoy winter here
in my mountain home.
Make some coffee, 
feed the cat.

Sit at my wonderful desk.
It's square and metallic.
All my furniture
is nicely square.
What to do?

I've made no plans for today;
they only get in the way.

For lunch I can jump in my
sexy hummer, and drive
to get a burger:
mustard, onions,

Probably they'll be lacking
something I want to eat.
Always say, "Sorry,
sir, we are out."
Bunch of jerks.

Maybe instead I will try 
the trendy cafe on Dry.

The idea of the prompt was to write a poem from someone with opposite preferences. The twin's not really evil, but he certainly isn't very much like me.
Thanks to this week's Poetry Tow Truck for the prompt.


  1. I knew from the outset this was the exact opposite of you. Picturing you in a Hummer, driving up to the takeout window? Don't think so!

    You met the prompt at its heart: Truth. Great write, Amy

  2. Amy - I'm glad you saw the opposites! It was fun to write.

    Madeleine - Thanks! I'm glad it made you laugh.

  3. Sorry I didn't pop over to see your results sooner - your comment went to Spam for some reason on Wordpress! Thanks for trying the prompt - and keep stopping by!

  4. OK I really liked this one. Esp.the part about the burger with mustard onions and maters. Greta job!

  5. DJ - I loved this prompt. It was fun.

    Marlene - Like I said, he's not evil, but definitely different.