26 August 2011

Love Lost: Philip Levine Cento

She remembered or yearned.
“I found you whole.
I find you in these tears,
and it would do no good.
I will never make it"
Now she shakes her head,
shakes him away,
and she's herself.
Something began here
and nothing comes back.

This poem is a cento: a poem created by rearranging another writer's verses or lines. I greatly enjoyed reading many of Philip Levine's poems in order to find this poem. The lines came from the following poems:
Father (2,3)
Heaven (4)

Poems found via the plaigarist.com poetry archive


  1. Ooh, Claudia, this is the second cento I've found today because of the prompt. Philip Levine, what a talented, readable poet. I mean, I always get something from his writings; they are not obtuse or disjointed. Good choice, and an excellent culling of lines! Thanks, Amy

  2. I really like found poetry, so I enjoy The Found Poetry Review's prompts. I hadn't read much from him before, but now I've read quite a few and enjoyed them all.
    Thanks so much for stopping by, Amy!