13 August 2011

Who am I?

I am more than words can describe,
yet I can't find any good words to write.
I love circles, blue, rubber duckies, and friends.
I believe in conservation education.
My poetry expresses my thoughts and wants
but can be fiction, a story I thought up once.
Hopefully I can inspire others
to love and protect the Earth Mother,
to want know more about biology,
and maybe to create their own poetry.

Write what comes out based on the prompt and just post it. 
You can always clean it up later.
Free Write Friday: Do You Know Who You Are


  1. Jess...this is perfect! Exactly! A great contribution to Free Write Friday!!! Thanks so much! I hope to see u in future Fridays!!!

    Ps...thanks for following FWF guidelines too! ;)

  2. Thanks Kellie for stopping by and your wonderful comment.