08 October 2011

Gravity Gave Up On Me

Earlier this morning,
I fell into the sky.
It started without warning,
and I can't figure why
gave up on me.

I swerved around a tree limb
and nearly hit a bird.
Clouds were all around me
when suddenly I heard,
"Hey there, you!
You're floating too?!"

Just as I came to a stop,
I saw a smiling face.
"We're kids gravity forgot.
You'll get used to this place.
My name's Sly,
let's share this sky."

And so I settled in
to live atop the clouds.
The air is a bit thin,
but at least it isn't loud.
gave up on me.

Inspired by Shel Silverstein's "Falling Up".
A new book of his poems came out recently, and I'm excited to read it!
Every Thing On It

07 October 2011


I went looking over yonder hill.
I found nothing but my love for you.
But if I never see the sun again,
over time I'll see myself wandering for what?
My mind was wandering, as it always does,
seeking the hill again, always searching for life.
You never know what you'll find, in life.

Poetry Tow Truck 40: Plaid Poem

06 October 2011

Two Families

On either side 
live families 
with young kids. 

No words make it 
through the walls, 
only thunks, shouts, 
& upstairsdownstairs. 

Memories of my own 
noise-making & amok-running 
mix with thoughts of 
future child-chasing. 

I live between two families with kids: 
my neighbors' 
and my own. 

BlogHer Prompt: Things your current home is between

05 October 2011

Trees in the Yard

I've always loved plants.
And I've always asked questions.
Behind our yard was a forest.
Or, it looked like a forest to me.

Pine trees so crowded
I couldn't see the road,
though I could hear cars
in nighttime's quiet.

Needles were always falling
into the yard, sometimes cones.
In summer, their pollen
painted everything yellow.

Why don't the pine needles fall
like the trees in the front?
Mom said they were just
different types of trees.

The front trees were in fact
three Bradford Pears.
Trees with leaves hanging
low enough to investigate.

They had beautiful, tiny,
detailed flowers I could study.
They smelled heartily.
I cherish that smell even now.

The pines were felled
to put in more houses.
The Bradfords died slowly;
the species is short-lived.

Every time I smell or see
those beautiful flowers
and when pollen coats cars,
childhood memories flow.

BlogHer Prompt: Things your childhood home is between
The front yard and the back yard :)

04 October 2011

Three Years Between Us

It was my whole lifetime,
unimaginably long.

Then it was just enough 
to be amazingly cute,
my own real live babydoll.

For a while, it was quite
intolerably annoying.
You were always on my nerves.

A few years more brought
friendly cooperation
and increased peace.

For now, we still feel
the difference,
but only occasionally.

Over our lifetimes, 
the same three years will
become increasingly smaller.

Eventually they will be
unimaginably short.

I have a younger brother who was born on my third birthday. I've always loved him, but there were long stretches where I didn't like him one bit. Fortunately, we've grown closer over the years and even enjoy spending time with each other's friends.
BlogHer Prompt: talk about siblings

03 October 2011

The Forgotten Item

Whatever I forgot last time
gets packed first.

I will forget a new thing.
I will remember it next time.

While always different
(deodorant, toothbrush,
sweater, socks),
it's always the forgotten.

BlogHer Prompt: What is something you always pack on a trip?

02 October 2011


Energy flows through every cell
of every body.

My joy is contagious.
My excitement,
my energy,
my desire to help
and to affect change
can all be felt
if you just stand near me.

Feel the love,
the peace,
the hope.

Open your body
to the vibrations.
Open your heart 
to the emotions.
Open your mind
to the new notions.

Energy flows through every cell
of every body.
Feel it.

I went to an organizational meeting tonight for Occupy Raleigh.

Occupy Wall Street is a beautiful movement gathering some awesome power and amazingly positive energy for change. The movement is spreading in the form of protests and marches happening across the country and the world. Look up your town or city and you'll probably find something nearby related to the Occupation. Check Facebook and Twitter for #Occupy and there is tons to see. The amazing energy this evening really moved me.

Today's service at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh (where I attend somewhat regularly) featured humanity's ability to share emotions and energy through proximity and movement.

Today's poem is perfect for the day I had!

Part of: NaBloPoMo October: Between

01 October 2011

Between Paychecks

With any luck, we'll make it
through the month.
We're caught up for now.
With any luck, there'll be no
no unforeseen costs.
With any luck, i'll get work.
part-time, contract,
anything will help.
With any luck, we'll find new
lodgings, lower
rent and closer to work.
With any luck, there'll be sales
on things we need.
Be sure to check the adverts.
With any luck, I'll cook meals
which are tasty
but cost mere cents per serving.
With any luck, we'll make it,
no unplanned costs,
a short term job,
a lower rent,
a well-timed sale,
and healthy food.
With any luck.

There are certainly people in worse situations than ours, but this is what came to mind with BlogHer's NaBloPoMo October theme: Between.