01 October 2011

Between Paychecks

With any luck, we'll make it
through the month.
We're caught up for now.
With any luck, there'll be no
no unforeseen costs.
With any luck, i'll get work.
part-time, contract,
anything will help.
With any luck, we'll find new
lodgings, lower
rent and closer to work.
With any luck, there'll be sales
on things we need.
Be sure to check the adverts.
With any luck, I'll cook meals
which are tasty
but cost mere cents per serving.
With any luck, we'll make it,
no unplanned costs,
a short term job,
a lower rent,
a well-timed sale,
and healthy food.
With any luck.

There are certainly people in worse situations than ours, but this is what came to mind with BlogHer's NaBloPoMo October theme: Between.

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