25 January 2012

No Dumping

in the middle of town,
there's a creek
and a few trees.

Scattered about
between fallen branches
and leaves,
there's Trash:

styrofoam cup
plastic bottle
aluminum foil pan
and paper bags of all sizes.

"No Dumping" - you must have missed the sign.
Didn't somebody ever show you how to use a trash can?

Water gives life to this planet.
Water gives life to you.
All you give the water
is your disrespect and your refuse.

Water doesn't come
from out of the faucet.
It isn't magic or modern sciene
bringing you refreshment.

Water does come
from out of the ground.
It flows through rivers and creeks,
just like this one.

It's not just the beauty you damage.
It's not just the environment you hurt.
You endanger your own life
when you pollute the water.

Earth will survive us.
Eventually every human will die,
and we will no longer be a
parasitic problem.

There is a creek near my house similar to the one described, and while walking the dog yesterday, I just felt compelled to write something.

18 January 2012

SOPA and PIPA: Bad for the internet, and your blog

Normally this blog only features poetry. However, I feel that this issue affects any artist who uses the internet.

Today, the US Congress is considering two bills the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). If either bill passes, it could fundamentally change the way the internet works. Corporations could shut down any website which they claim infringes on their profits. It would make it difficult to run any website with user-gernerated content (any blog, any forum, any social website) unless you have a lot of money to defend your website.

I'm asking every US citizen, please go to these websites and take action! Sign petitions, email your representatives, call their offices.

You can enter your ZIP code into Wikipedia, and it will tell you how to call your representatives:

Sign Google's petition:

Fill out the forms here to email your representative:
(be sure to fill out both "SOPA Strike" and "Send an Email to Congress")

These bills are dangerous.

10 January 2012


Add the flour
mix the dough,
knead it til
it's ready to go
off to the side
to proof for a while.
I hope these make
my boyfriend smile.
Roll left and right,
roll up and down,
flatten the dough,
make it round.
4 minutes this side,
2 minutes that.
The crackly bread
is oh so flat.
With some herring
or a bit of cheese,
the knackebrod
is sure to please.

Knackebrod translates to "crackly bread" from Swedish. In English speaking countries, they are commonly known as rye crackers, and Wasa is (I believe) the best selling brand of crispbread. My boyfriend is Swedish and loves pickled herring and cheese with rye crackers. I'm not so into the herring, but cheese and crackers is great.

04 January 2012


Everything that
represents your life,
you daily routine
and special events,
packed up in boxes.
Cardboard and tape hold
your life together,
Somewhat jumbled up.
you'll find what you need.

But it's only stuff,
even if it is
sentimental stuff.
Enjoy the people
moving stuff with you.

I know I've been gone for a while, but life got a bit busy. We moved on Yule this year. It made the whole holiday season quite odd. I didn't cook anything; traditionally I make rum cakes and divinity as well as helping out with a gingerbread house. My dad is quite talented at gingerbread house construction. Decorations were limited to a wreath on the front door and few holiday-themed rubber duckies. All presents were handmade by me, which I loved doing, but that meant no shopping in any of the decorated stores. We were busy preparing to move and then getting ourselves there. There are quite a few boxes left, but there is a sense of normalcy forming. In any case, I'm happy to be back writing and posting. Hope everyone had lovely holidays and best wishes for getting your new year started out well.