10 January 2012


Add the flour
mix the dough,
knead it til
it's ready to go
off to the side
to proof for a while.
I hope these make
my boyfriend smile.
Roll left and right,
roll up and down,
flatten the dough,
make it round.
4 minutes this side,
2 minutes that.
The crackly bread
is oh so flat.
With some herring
or a bit of cheese,
the knackebrod
is sure to please.

Knackebrod translates to "crackly bread" from Swedish. In English speaking countries, they are commonly known as rye crackers, and Wasa is (I believe) the best selling brand of crispbread. My boyfriend is Swedish and loves pickled herring and cheese with rye crackers. I'm not so into the herring, but cheese and crackers is great.

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