12 June 2011

No Railing

No railing. Saw her slipping.
Suddenly, she fell through.
I'll never again feel my
lover's delicate fingers.

Slipping on the mossy stairs,
through the air she tumbled.
My darling took her last breath,
fingers grasping only air.

Carry On Tuesday 109
Words from Abba:
Slipping through my fingers

08 June 2011

Alter Perception

Alter perception
if fond of tranquility.
Then find inner peace.

Three Word Wednesday CCXLIV
Alter, Fond, Tranquil

At first I had something more complicated in mind, but then this haiku suddenly appeared. It's much better.

07 June 2011

And I Move

I hear the music,
and I move.

My hips sway.
My knees bend.
My feet slide and leap.
My arms go up in the air.
And my eyes close.

I feel the music
moving through me.
It leads my body to
new places,
new emotions.

Feel the flow.
Let the music flow,
and let my body flow with it.

Jingle Poetry Potluck Week of June 6
Inspired by Song

The prompt was meant more to be a poem written inspired by a memorable song, but what music most inspires in me is the desire to move.

Night's Advice

Beware thoughts that come in the night,
even if they feel alright.
Dreams show the twisting of your mind;
and they show the truth, at times.
You never know what you will find.
Every person has both sides.
Be careful when seeking advice
from the voices in the night.

Carry On Tuesdays #108
"Beware thoughts that come in the night."
First sentence from William Least Heat-Moon's novel Blue Highways

05 June 2011

A Sweet Kiss?

What if you could tell
from a kiss
if two people were compatible?

A small drop of liquid on the tongue,
a brief kiss,
then an answer

A sweet taste would mean yes.
No taste would mean nothing special.
A bitter taste would mean trouble.

Would you want to know right from the outset?
Would you kiss everyone you met?
Or, only the most attractive, hoping you'd be lucky?

Would you want to make a go of 'nothing special'?
Can one kiss give two results?
Would commitment happen sooner?

Could someone determine sexual preference
by kissing a few people?
Could you fake it?

Idea inspired by an episode of Farscape, one of my favorite science fiction television series.

03 June 2011

Flying Umbrella

Mommy, look at that!
Is that an umbrella?!
Yeah, it is.

Flipping, twirling, spinning
in the air.
Held up like a kite,
but wihout a string.

It has a no direction,
flits around
in the air
above the building.

Blue over blue,
handle over canopy,
up on a draft,
down after a tilt.

Twisting, turning, flying
out of sight.
Is that an umbrella?!
Yeah, it is.

At a Mustang car show I attended recently with my dad, just as we were starting to leave, a little kid noticed an umbrella up in the air. So, a few of us watched it tumble around for a while until it disappeared behind a building. I wrote the poem for it later that day. It was a magical little moment reminding me of the wonder of childhood and the magic to be found in everyday life.

Submitted to Promising Poets Thursday Poetry Rally 45

*June 6: Thank you to Promising Poets Cafe and the Poetry Rally community for this Perfect Poet Award Week 45.
I am honored.
I would like to nominate MindLoveMisery and C Rose of The World Poetized.


I write to share my
emotions and ponderings.
Glad you liked it. Thanks.

01 June 2011

Erratic, Luminous, Omen

erratic behavior
under luminous moon
constitutes bad omen

Walking in circles, Marissa's erratic behavior this evening was starting to worry even herself. Some people say a luminous full moon will cause people to act strangely, she says to herself, that's probably all it is. Somehow, that's not making her feel better. Plus, Joey wasn't here yet. It sure felt like a bad omen.

Three Word Wednesday CCXLIII
Erratic, Luminous, Omen

A tiny poem and a flash fiction. It felt right to do both.