03 June 2011

Flying Umbrella

Mommy, look at that!
Is that an umbrella?!
Yeah, it is.

Flipping, twirling, spinning
in the air.
Held up like a kite,
but wihout a string.

It has a no direction,
flits around
in the air
above the building.

Blue over blue,
handle over canopy,
up on a draft,
down after a tilt.

Twisting, turning, flying
out of sight.
Is that an umbrella?!
Yeah, it is.

At a Mustang car show I attended recently with my dad, just as we were starting to leave, a little kid noticed an umbrella up in the air. So, a few of us watched it tumble around for a while until it disappeared behind a building. I wrote the poem for it later that day. It was a magical little moment reminding me of the wonder of childhood and the magic to be found in everyday life.

Submitted to Promising Poets Thursday Poetry Rally 45

*June 6: Thank you to Promising Poets Cafe and the Poetry Rally community for this Perfect Poet Award Week 45.
I am honored.
I would like to nominate MindLoveMisery and C Rose of The World Poetized.


I write to share my
emotions and ponderings.
Glad you liked it. Thanks.


  1. love the flying umbrella imagery,
    what a fun piece.

    sweet memories, well done.

  2. Soo cute. Fun! fun! fun! :D

  3. I really like this, you really captured that moment of wonder. I believe children know a lot more about the true meaning of life than adults

  4. I bet that was a sight worth seeing -- great capture of the moment for the child in all of us!!

    Thank you for your visit ~~

  5. You're right - nothing is more magical than seeing something through a child's eyes. And it's a rare thing to see an umbrella flying free!

  6. This is such a refreshing poem after reading tons of other depressing ones lamenting about the human spirit today. I like appreciating the little beautiful things much more.

  7. beautiful poem..refreshing...

  8. Very playful-like. :) Enjoyed reading it. :)

  9. It is magic really isn't it that inspires poetry. This was so real Jessica ... it was easy to envision, I especially like that about a poem, this poem.

  10. Jingle - glad it brought up happy memories

    Joross - thanks for stopping by and for fllowing :)

    mind - I tend to agree with you

    becca - it was an interesting thing to see

    Li - it was a fun experience, and the kid made it beautiful

    Audrey - I'm happy to help lift your spirits :)

    Rashmi - thanks

    Ravenblack - playful poetry is fun to write

    Old Raven - the image and the magic were both the point behind the poem. I'm glad you felt them.

  11. very playful and visually interesting - nice poem

  12. It's so fun to read! cool :)