05 June 2011

A Sweet Kiss?

What if you could tell
from a kiss
if two people were compatible?

A small drop of liquid on the tongue,
a brief kiss,
then an answer

A sweet taste would mean yes.
No taste would mean nothing special.
A bitter taste would mean trouble.

Would you want to know right from the outset?
Would you kiss everyone you met?
Or, only the most attractive, hoping you'd be lucky?

Would you want to make a go of 'nothing special'?
Can one kiss give two results?
Would commitment happen sooner?

Could someone determine sexual preference
by kissing a few people?
Could you fake it?

Idea inspired by an episode of Farscape, one of my favorite science fiction television series.


  1. Great questions posited...:)

  2. I've read some bits of research on this idea, I suppose you have too. The role that smell/pheromones play in kissing, the hypothesis that men pass a minute amount of testerone to the woman through saliva...you've romanticized it quite nicely here!
    And no, I wouldn't kiss everyone I met...ever. Think of the tobacco chewers. *shudders and gags* :))

  3. You pose some interesting questions. I enjoyed your verse.

  4. AmethJera - thanks.

    li - I do know a bit about pheromones. I'm sure it was an elaboration on the very fact you mentioned that led to the very interesting Farscape episode from which I got the idea.
    I don't think I'd kiss everyone either, lol

    Madeleine - Thank you.

  5. Interesting query...It would be nice if the eyes could tell us...smiles...

  6. fun pondering.
    well penned.

    Happy Rally.

  7. This is very intriguing I am so shy about kissing that I would never be able to test and see lol By the time I kiss someone I already know (hence my husband being the only man I kissed and now of course the only one I will)

  8. What a fun way this would be to find a love. Be fun checking. LOL

  9. How interesting and curious! A proper litmus test for compatibility. :D The final line holds true, whether or not you can tell by a kiss, can a kiss that sparks be faked?

  10. Nice written
    Best wishes

  11. Brilliant use of rhetorical question.

  12. Helen - what a nice idea

    Jingle - thanks for stopping by

    mind - I suppose if kissing was a normal part of choosing a partner, you'd be less worried about it.

    teric - you're right. it could be really fun

    Raven - It certainly would be interesting

    Meirozavian - much appreciated

    Jack - thank you.