12 November 2011

Last Night

Poetry Jam suggested writing a poetic still life, whether one set up and captured by yourself or one found and enjoyed. I looked about my living room, and these objects jumped out at me, telling at least part of a story.

We decided on coffee and dessert.
Those two pair up quite nicely.
I think that you and I
pair quite nicely.

We had run out of coffee and
shouldn't eat a whole pint.
We had a few drinks
and kept talking.

We talked for hours about nothing
and everything while our
chatter blended into 
one great night.

Submitted to Poetry Picnic Week 14: What I'm Thankful For
I'm thankful for my friends and boyfriend who inspired the spirit of this poem and the beer, iceream, cute martini glass and coffee that make up the story.


  1. I enjoyed very much the "still life" photograph that you took, as well as your poem. It is so nice to have someone you can talk with like that, isn't it? Thanks for being part of Poetry Jam.

  2. nice blending of beverages and conversations

  3. Very nicely written. Loved it. I too love to talk all night about nothing and everything.


  4. Charming words and perfect picture, especially the ice cream dish.

  5. Great! Those are truly rare and wonderful occasions, when 2 people can simply sit and talk and enjoy each others' company, completely unaware of time passing.

  6. nice...this sounds like a wonderful evening honestly...coffee is always good...smiles...i guess since we ran out some ice cream would do...smiles.

  7. Very simple and effective -- very much sets and maintains a mood -- a nice poetic version of a still life!

  8. Mary - I like taking photos, but I don't fashion myself a photographer. It is a lovely situation.

    Christine - thank you

    Cassiopeia - It's awesome to be able to talk like that.

    Sharon - Those dishes are fun to use!

    Li - Yes, beautiful occasions.

    Brian - Glad it could help you smile :)

    zum - Thank you!

  9. Cute piece - kudos for drinking Dogfish Head's
    Midas Touch!

  10. The Noiseless Cuckooclock14 November, 2011 11:00


  11. Bubba - It's one my boyfriend's faves :)
    Noiseless - thanks

  12. Ah.. you have all my vices in that photo! Fun take on the prompt!

  13. Yes, all night long. Coffee and dessert! Nice writing.

  14. Margaret - Glad you enjoyed it!
    Helen - Thanks

  15. it sounds like a fun evening,

    the physical subjects you have brought up constitute vivid and pleasant imagery here.

    Happy Poetry Picnic.


  16. Wow! I could feel the magic. Splendid write.

  17. Morning - thank you, nice to see you again
    Kay - Lovely comment, thanks