28 November 2011


In this lifetime there is no other way.
You must do your best to enjoy today
if you desire to feel truly alive.
that is what the wise men and women say.

If what you are really hoping to find
is a deeper and more meaningful life,
you have to pick yourself up and begin
to discover what will give you the drive.
It's important to remember that when
your struggle starts frustrating you again,
you should not putter about or delay.
You can never know when your life will end.

Real Toads: Rubaiyat
Four line stanza
10 syllables per line
aaba rhyming scheme

I often have trouble with form-based prompts because I don't know about what to write. This time I decided to just come up with the ending words and see where it led me. It might need some revising for more compactness and a less repitious sound.

Also shared with Poets United Poetry Pantry #77


  1. wise words this.. always trying to have carpe diem as my life motto..not always successful though...but working on it..thanks for the reminder jessica

  2. nice...there is great wisdom in this...and a grea philosophy to life...glad you shared it with dverse as well...smiles.

  3. beautiful wisdom here,
    well conveyed sentiments and poetry form.