21 November 2011

Stars In Love

Love is blind and lovers cannot see
why they should look where they are going.
The lover is all that has meaning,
but t'wards sorrow they went careening. 
a black hole tore the lovers apart.
Now each star has a hole in its heart.

Inspired by the story of S and R, an astral romance.

Part of Carry on Tuesday #132:
"Love is blind and lovers cannot see"
"Merchant of Venice" - Shakespeare
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  1. luvin' on this poem - haunting.

  2. Awww I always want a happy ending... LOL
    Lovely piece of writing!

  3. Shauna - thank you. love that word 'haunting'

    Daydreamertoo - Happy ending are nice, but physics doesn't care about that, lol

  4. This is SO good. Thank you so much for contributing to Carry On Tuesday

  5. love the title,
    a job well done.