18 November 2011


Over, under, around, through,
the simple little knots we do.
Repeat, two, three, four,
now you've got a shell's worth more.
If you've got knots enough
you can even stuff with fluff.
Keep it going round and round
suddenly a blanket you've found.
One little tool, one really long string:
now you've made a beautiful thing.
If you're confused by what I say,
I'm discussing the art of crochet.

I have been crocheting a lot lately, working on Yule/Christmas gifts.
A shell stitch is a group of stitches that are all worked into the same space. It's quite common in granny squares and was what mostly made up my first projects when I was learning to crochet.


  1. cute, the problem with me and a hook, my rows keep getting longer and longer, and I end up with a triangle, but I do like to loop and loop, just to keep my hands busy, this was a fun read, enjoyed it

  2. Thanks Christine! I usually find crochet quite good for keeping my hands busy.

  3. very nice
    Been thinking maybe I could try crochet again.