30 November 2011

Good, Bad, and Editing

I wrote every day
and kept the posts coming.
Some came out quite well,
some felt unbecoming.

Others helped me out,
can't take all the credit.
Now some of these poems
will be seeing edits.

November's last prompt from BlogHer: What did you learn from doing NaBloPoMo?
Some days are better than others for writing.
Sometimes forcing yourself to write can turn out well.
Vacations can make daily posting more difficult.
Vacations can make for great inspiration.
I have got to keep a more regular time for doing my writing.
It's nice to have writing friends.


  1. How is your day?

    Time flies, appreciated your handsome inputs to our poetry picnic.

    Share a poem today.
    Bless you.
    Happy December,
    Enjoy A Wonderful Wednesday Ahead.


  2. notice that you won the perfect poet award for poets rally week 57, welcome take it,

    join us any time when you are free.

    outstanding poetry along the way, truly enjoyed your lasting support.

    keep rocking.


  3. Thanks, y'all.
    It did feel like a mission accomplished.

  4. I agree that some days are better than others, but as long as I keep up the habit of writing daily, I can usually make it through the rough spots.