17 November 2011

Moving makes an impetus

Moving makes an impetus
to clear out old things,
to find solace in release,
to no longer cling.
Seek vindication within
the personal spring.
Do not resist the changes.
Enjoy what's coming.

Three Word Wednesday CCLXVII (267)
impetus, solace,vindication

We'll be moving this Yule. I'm excited for the new place, meeting new people, and seeing new things. However, moving is always a process and generally stressful. One step I'm both dreading and looking forward to: finding stuff we no longer need and can donate.


  1. I love moving and purging and starting over, and it is a stressful time, but the spring of change feels so good. Good luck with the move so close to Christmas.

  2. Christine - thank you for the encouragement

  3. When I moved to the South four years ago, I only had limited space on a friend's back porch to store things. I chose those things that had the most emotional attachment and things I knew I could never replace-then I boxed up most if the rest of it and called the local church resale shop, which gratefully came and took away furniture I had inherited of dubious pedigree, stuff I had in college and things that I should have thrown out but 'thought I would need someday'. Bags of clothing went out the door- most kitchen things, including the dishes, also went bye-bye. Clothing and most kitchen stuff can be replaced by shopping yard sales and the local Goodwill- and it's fun seeing what you find and re-imaging yourself. I saved little-my library,a few hand-me-down that could technically qualify as family heirlooms, my collection of Halloween decorations and Xmas ornaments, a few person items that were exclusively mine. The change was liberating and invigorating.

  4. Loved this especially the last line - a nice reminder. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Amethjera - I'm hope for some liberating and invigorating. We're not going far, but every thing eliminated is one less thing to move.

    Suzy - thank you