05 November 2011

Corn Parade 2011

back again.
Here to wish
our lil sis
the best of luck.
Shuck, girl, shuck!

Yesterday, Meredith College had it's annual Cornhuskin' competition. On a very simple level, Cornhuskin' is what we do for homecoming. Meredith is an all women's college, so there's not football game and no associated pep rally or tailgating parties. There is, however, a spirit week. On Friday night, the main event draws family, friends, staff, faculty, and alumnae to the ampitheatre to watch skits, dancing, apple bobbing, and giant talking props.
We also have a tradition that every other class has a special connection: Big Sis & Lil Sis. A member of the big sis class shows her lil sis around school, helps them learn about the many traditions, and even takes them around town. Evens are with evens and odds with odds.
I graduated in 2010. Our lil sis class, 2012, is the senior class this year. As the big sis class, we come back to campus to cheer our lil sis class on. It was a fabulous time! I got to see some friends, watch some awesome skits, saw an amazing apple bobbing performance, and enjoyed being back on campus again.

If you're still curious (or a bit confused), some of our students put together a lovely webpage about the history of Cornhuskin' here.

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