07 June 2011

And I Move

I hear the music,
and I move.

My hips sway.
My knees bend.
My feet slide and leap.
My arms go up in the air.
And my eyes close.

I feel the music
moving through me.
It leads my body to
new places,
new emotions.

Feel the flow.
Let the music flow,
and let my body flow with it.

Jingle Poetry Potluck Week of June 6
Inspired by Song

The prompt was meant more to be a poem written inspired by a memorable song, but what music most inspires in me is the desire to move.


  1. music does move body, just dance to the rhythm.

  2. I love dancing especially when no one's watching its so liberating. I wish I wasn't in the city otherwise I'd be naked lol

  3. Great poem, music can do so much to people! Very liberating!

  4. I love how the rhythm and flow are like dancing. Great image you have constructed!

  5. Lovely! I love poems about music and/or dancing, probably because I find them so easy to relate to :)

  6. going with the flow... ;)

  7. I agree with you that some music just insists on movement! Great poem. Thanks for your visit, too. Hugs, pat

  8. alive - I love dancing

    mind - naked dancing is the best!

    dead - that is part of the point of art, freedom

    Laurie - thank you!

    Melissa - Dancing is pretty awesome

    robin - usually the best way to go :-)

    pat - Thanks :)

  9. Your poem is a great representation of the topic. Much music makes me want to move too! Well done.

  10. Lot of activity in the Narrative; plenty going on. Exhilarating piece

    Luke @ WordSalad

  11. music can be so catching.. makes one want to dance! nice poem.

  12. bodhi - sometimes it's irresistible

    Luke - dancing is all about activity :-)

    indi - thanks!

  13. a fun piece.
    love the dancing words.