25 January 2012

No Dumping

in the middle of town,
there's a creek
and a few trees.

Scattered about
between fallen branches
and leaves,
there's Trash:

styrofoam cup
plastic bottle
aluminum foil pan
and paper bags of all sizes.

"No Dumping" - you must have missed the sign.
Didn't somebody ever show you how to use a trash can?

Water gives life to this planet.
Water gives life to you.
All you give the water
is your disrespect and your refuse.

Water doesn't come
from out of the faucet.
It isn't magic or modern sciene
bringing you refreshment.

Water does come
from out of the ground.
It flows through rivers and creeks,
just like this one.

It's not just the beauty you damage.
It's not just the environment you hurt.
You endanger your own life
when you pollute the water.

Earth will survive us.
Eventually every human will die,
and we will no longer be a
parasitic problem.

There is a creek near my house similar to the one described, and while walking the dog yesterday, I just felt compelled to write something.


  1. Powerful poem, Jessica... something which I could see being used in schools during Earth Day (hint, hint).

    1. Thanks. I'm a biologist and an environmentalist, so sometimes I can't help myself. Plus, I love educating people!