14 September 2011


This poem was featured as a guest post at The Wounded Warrior on 31st August, 2011. It's a great blog with some good poetry and some writing about being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I wanted to give the poem another chance for reading and make it a little easier to find, so here it is:

When stress is high
or bad times arise,
we all have our ways
to get through the day.

Some of us laugh,
pray the moment will pass.
Some turn to drink,
bottle's gone in a blink.

Some of us cry,
and then wonder "why?"
Some of us scream,
hope it's all a dream.

Some of us smoke,
find peace in a toke.
Some meditate,
deep breathe it away.

Some of us lie,
smile, say "I'm fine."
Some need a hug,
show a little love.

So we can survive,
we cope with our lives.

Inspired by lyrics from Starsailor's "Some Of Us"
"Some of us laugh
some of us cry
some of us smoke
some of us lie
but it's all just the way
that we cope with our lives"
You can hear it here.

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