04 October 2011

Three Years Between Us

It was my whole lifetime,
unimaginably long.

Then it was just enough 
to be amazingly cute,
my own real live babydoll.

For a while, it was quite
intolerably annoying.
You were always on my nerves.

A few years more brought
friendly cooperation
and increased peace.

For now, we still feel
the difference,
but only occasionally.

Over our lifetimes, 
the same three years will
become increasingly smaller.

Eventually they will be
unimaginably short.

I have a younger brother who was born on my third birthday. I've always loved him, but there were long stretches where I didn't like him one bit. Fortunately, we've grown closer over the years and even enjoy spending time with each other's friends.
BlogHer Prompt: talk about siblings

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