12 August 2011

Spam for the Win!

Personal Ad?
Featured around the world.
The only male proven in trials.
The results took 6 months.
Quick, secure, free.

Want You Back.
Wanted to tell you that we're better.
The new version will allow many games.
Make sure you want only her.

Enhance your play.
Get the most out of today.
Enjoy games.
Experience play.

Protect yourself from the upcoming risk.
Bring down the whole world with you.
If you can read and are willing,
these jobs may be for you.
Everybody is a winner!

A few fun things derived from spam emails. 
Thanks to the Found Poetry Review's weekly prompt.


  1. Paraphrasing spam - very clever!

    (Finally! Spam's good for something!)

  2. *Sad face* I thought you were offering a can of Spam as a poetry writing prize or something.

    Seriously, this was quirky and funny!

  3. Bubba - Thank you, but the idea was from the Found Poetry Review. They post some interesting places to find poetry.

    Li - So sorry about the spam mix-up. :-)
    I'm glad you enjoyed the poetry, though.