28 August 2011

Edge of the Storm

The air feels light, less dense.
It moves with varying speeds, directions.
It has a special smell of wet.
(My kindergarten teacher said water doesn't have a smell.)

Almost imperceptibly at first
a few drops start falling,
nothing to really worry over.
(Although, Mom still called to check up on us.)

A short trip outside for the dog.
She doesn't mind the wet,
only the stronger winds.
(They're what'll give us the most trouble, anyway.)

Nothing to do but wait,
avoid being outside, 
and hope for others' safety.
(It'll pass, like everything else.)

We Write Poems #69 3+(1) form
Poetry Tow Truck #35: Rain


  1. I remember arguing with a teacher over the smell of water. Eventually we agreed that "pure" water has no smell, but since most water has contaminants in it, it does indeed usually have an odor to us.

    Then I wanted to know about the smell of electricity and he suddenly remembered something else he had to do :-)

  2. Nice combination.
    I think I like the first stanza best, both for the rain (to come) and as a 3+.

  3. Li - When I was 5, I *knew* water had a taste. And water from different places tastes different. I argued with my teacher over it. She said, "well, what does it taste like then?" I was thinking, 'like water!' just like an orange tastes like an orange and bananas taste like bananas. It was a very stressful day at kindergarten, lol.

    Barbara - Thank you. Glad you stopped by for a couple posts.

  4. love your use of (parentheses) in particular here

  5. I like the parentheses, too... especially:

    (It'll pass, like everything else.)

    That about sums up life.

  6. Jessica, you are the first person I saw using the 3 + (x) format. I feel like an auntie or something!

    You're right about water having a smell. Teachers like that were always a pain in the touchas for me, no imagination.

    Irene has, for the most part, passed, but still waiting to hear about folks in her wake. A very timely poem, my dear, and thanks, Amy

  7. Luke - It was a fun form to play around with.

    Laurie - Very true. Gotta take life as it comes.

    Amy - I enjoyed using the form. I like conversational poems.
    We were on the very edge of even getting wind and rain from Irene, so it was no worse than any other summertime southern storm for us.

  8. Thank God IRENE passed off without severe damages as feared. You must have been real tense since it started from NC !

  9. Saras - We're pretty far inland, so not much worrying for us.