04 August 2011

Dose Me (Four Poems, One Title)

A small pinch, the needle pierces my skin.
A wonderful dose flows into my veins.
I appear comatose for a few hours,
but my mind is exploring other worlds.

The doctor finally appears.
The piercing pain in my stomach
is only getting worse, I feel.
Will someone give me a dose
of something soon, morphine maybe?

The doctors here dose me daily.
I appear more affable, but
the piercing parley in my head
is not quitting or quieting.

One small dose with his meal today.
No piercing to give it away.
"Natural causes," they will say.
How much are you willing to pay?

Three Word Wednesday CCLII
Appear, Dose, Pierce


  1. imaginative and surely there are those who
    have experienced this.

  2. Deep feelings you touched here

  3. Sometimes in hospice, folks are "helped along" at their own request, but that last one was cold, really cold.

    The "piercing pain in my stomach" was how Kurt Cobain ended up hooked on heroin. Stomach problems led to some meds, then illicit meds...

    Great storytelling in your poetry, Jessica. Amy

  4. Shauna - Thank you.

    Poetic Soul - I'm glad you connected to them.

    Amy - Sometimes an 'accidental' overdose is not inappropriate in hospice. But you're right the last one is sinister.
    It's amazing how often drugs given by doctors can turn into a drug habit. Prozac nation.
    Thank you for your awesome comments.