30 August 2011

Beer Haiku

Unfinished beer:
the story too good
to stop for a drink.

Recently a friend of mine was telling us such a crazy story, she forgot she had a beer waiting to be drunk. I found the half-full beer in the morning. 


  1. Does that mean your friend was only half-drunk as well?

  2. So that would be like in the movies when they finish telling the story, they lean back take one long swig from there bottle of beer bottle and then say " I told you you wouldn't believe me."

  3. Bubba - very funny

    Marlene - yeah, kinda like that :-)

  4. This is rather brilliant. Too few opportunities these days and the time to sit with friends, have drinks and just talk and share stuff going on in our lives.

  5. Love it! Funny and true.