28 July 2011

Only Playing

The banter between them
was getting personal.

Mutual friends
did not make them friends.

Tolerant, but barely.

Yesterday, Kris was seen
Val's recent ex
(who, it was hoped, 
would return).

"It's quite silly to think
that people are naturally kind."

   "Of course, the unkind among us
   would be the cynic.
   Blame nature for your behavior."

"Are you suggesting
I stole Alex?
You fumbled that play.
Should've gone to bed sooner.
Or do you not know the game?"

   "Love ought not to be a game.
   For you, it's merely a word
   you use to explain
   your salacious actions."

"And you think any stranger's glance
in your direction
means love.

      Stop it right now 
      or you'll both leave, 
      the hostess warns.

"We're only playing.
Right, dear?"

   "Of course."
   She smiles gently.
   "When's dinner?"

Part of Three Word Wednesday CCLI


  1. wow that tells quite the story. great job

  2. That was funny. Reminded me of my childhood fights with my brother.

  3. lol- There's nothing like a jealous woman... you've painted quite the scene.

  4. had a deja vu..."you think any stranger's glance in your direction means love". Good one.

  5. Sheilah - Thank you. It was fun to write.

    Susan - Children can be like that. I know my brother and I were.

    Laurie - It's been said: "Hell has no wrath like a woman scorned."

    Swap - Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Ah, now this reeks of tension and hidden hatred. I've always hated these moments, the friendly rivalry now spiraling out of control. No fun.

    Great little piece, enjoyed the ride and think I might want more on this little trio. Thanks for sharing!