26 July 2011

Our Everyday Life

In my head I paint a picture
of our everyday life together.

Knick-knacks filling shelves
Dog toys on the floor
Laundry and dishes
variously done and needing doing
Books tucked under the couch

In my head I compose the melody
of our everyday life together.

Video games' rapports
Classical and college radio
Keyboard clicking
and computers' thinking-whirrings
'Hello' 'Goodbye' 'I love you'

In my head I create the perfume
of our everyday life together.

Incense softly dissipating
Wet dog after a bath
Ghee melting in the pan
filling the house with 'fried'
Aftershave and deodorant

In my head I taste the variety
of our everyday life together.

Mexican, Chinese, Pizza
Hazelnut in chocolate
Onion tomato masala
as the base for every other meal
Garlic, for flavor and joint health

In my head I feel the moments
of our everyday life together.

Soapy, hot, wet dishes
Smooth dog's ears
Soft and yet also scratchy
beard rubbing my face during
Strong yet gentle hugs

I love
our everyday life together.

First line prompted by:
Carry on Tuesday #115
Amy Winehouse - Valerie


  1. Lots of strong images here... a sensual buffet! I really like the perfume stanza.

  2. the flavours of your everyday life was heartwarming- loved the onion tomato masala :) I love that too.

  3. Your poem was a feast for the senses - thank you!

  4. Laurie - Thank you. Smell holds such strong memories for us.

    Swapnap - My boyfriend makes alot of Indian food :-)

    Diva - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

  6. Cosmos - thank you

    Whitesnake - it certainly can be

    Mike - Thanks!

  7. What a simple picture you've painted but how precious it's when your dear ones are there in it.

  8. lovely image you painted here in your head.
    well done.

  9. Very Impressive! Very descriptive. Awexome

  10. Susan - sometimes it's the simple things which are most dear

    Jingle - thank you!

    Marlene - Glad you enjoyed it