17 July 2011

Typewriter's Eruption

I pulled the curtains.

When I leaned
over the typewriter,
sparks burnt round holes
in my shirt,
and fire
singed a sleeve.

I dragged the rug away
from the sparks.

In the kitchen
I filled a bucket with water
and returned to the erupting

The typewriter did not seem to be
flying apart,
only erupting.

On my face and hands
I felt the heat
from the caldera.

The yellow fire made
a fast, roaring noise.

The typewriter itself made
rumbling, grinding noise;

the table pitched.

Nothing seemed to require
my bucket of water.

The table surface was ruined,
of course,
but not aflame.

After twenty minutes or so,
the eruption subsided.

Words found here: The Writing Life - Annie Dillard
Prompted by The Found Poetry Review


  1. Time for a new typewriter methinks :)

  2. Love your take on the creative process. I'm fortunate that my laptop erupts on occasion.

  3. This is an old one from NaPoWriMo '11 that I didn't feel like doing at the time. Found it again in my drafts and arranged the words.
    Got to give Annie Dillard most of the credit for the feel of the piece, though. Lots of good words to choose from her book.