17 May 2011

Collection of Horoscopes

Equilibrium is
not that valuable.
Stylish lopsidedness and the 
beauty of irregularity display
incongruous details that
reveal fresh, hot truths.
So-called flaws are to be celebrated.
Lucky accidents are serendipity.

"Imagine greatness in others," says the man
not renowned for his optimism.
Activate your own dormant greatness and
fantasize aggressively.

The income gap is
absurdly grotesquely humongous.
Raise your voice against this inequity.
Discrepancy exists
in your own personal sphere.
Immediate effect in the immediate area.
Rich aspects of your psyche steal from the poor parts.

The smartest words you have ever said in your life and
two of the top five thoughts of the past decade have
popped into your brain recently.
Inner sources of wisdom are strongly
with the Divine Intelligence,
formerly known as God.
Be wilder and freer.

Status quo, no!
Uncertainty and
transformation are
shifting the mood.
Experimenting with the rules is healthy.
Imagine different ways of doing things.
This superpower should be shared.

The rupture in the order of things has cause people to
completely forget why they started doing it.
are in a daze,
hypnotized by a certain 'rupture' which
took place some time ago.
Wake them up, gently, 
to move on.

You're an animal!
Vitality is heading toward peak levels.
Every move you make is a dance.
Explore the righteous blending of grace and power.
Be a fluid bolt of ingenious fun.
Play hard and
with sublime ferocity.

"Make the invisible dark force beautiful.
Create a song out of your moans.
Brag about your wounds.
Dance reverently on the graves of your enemies.
Sneak a gift to your bad self.
Dissolve the ties that bind you to hollow intelligence.
Seek the angel near the funky gully that winds through no man's land.
Dig for treasure in the mud puddle where the single lily grows,"
my dream said.
Align yourself with its spirit.

Happiness should be reclassified as a 'psychiatric disorder,' he says.
Pathology of joy, he says.
'Happiness is statisically abnormal,' he says.
Cluster of symptoms and
cognitive abnormalities abound, he says.
Be besieged by a massive influx of good feelings and
surges of unreasonable joy.
Rebel mode, activated.
Flaunt you abnormal bliss.

Epic Deed Ahead:
Capacity for amazing feats is bigger than usual.
Accomplish what's beyond your expectations.

You had to relinquish and were
forced to sacrifice what you love.
Be awakened to an unexpected new source of excitement
liberating you to rise again.

*Freestyle wacky fantasies:
indulging in your own version of
healthy for you.
Depart from you usual raps and
unveil some unpredictable self-expressions.

Found words in horoscopes from Independent Weekly 5.4.11.
All lines start with Indy words. Some lines end with my own. A few sections are all Indy.
*May 25: Found the one that didn't get copied in originally. Thanks jaanpehchaan from Heartbeat for noticing and letting me know.


  1. "Inner sources of wisdom are strongly aligned with the Divine Intelligence, formerly known as God."

    Wonderful words and wonderful collection.

    I counted 11. Did you miss 12?

  2. This poem made me smile! You are doing whatever you need to do to draw inspiration, getting a kick start from the horoscopes--I hadn't thought of that! But beyond that, it reminds me of some of my own writing...maybe that's why I like it so much!

  3. jaan - the astrologist's words with a few left out in between, but he did most of the creative work there. he says some crazy cool stuff.
    and yeah, I seem to have missed one...I'll for look for it.

    Tim - Found poetry can be great fun, especially when you've got writer's block