15 May 2011

Love Yourself

You brandish your love
hoping I will fear losing you
as much as you fear losing me.

You cry me your tears
hoping I will have pity for you
as much as you pity yourself.

You forbid me from leaving
hoping I will want to stay with you
as much as you want me to stay.

You have not managed
to make me want to stay.

You have managed
to make me pity you.

You will never manage
to make me love you.

Love yourself.
No one can do it for you.

Inspired by Three Word Wednesday CCXL 
*May 18: Submitted to Thursday Poets' Rally 44


  1. REALLY good work on this one.

  2. Thanks, Shane. I keep going back and forth between imagining 'Love yourself' to be a sort of retort to an unmentioned 'I love you' and imagining it being a good bit of advice given somewhat in pity.

  3. /agree 100%

    Being pitiable is negative. Negativity is unattractive.

    Confidence, self-love (without arrogance), and self-respect are symptoms of the positive aspects of a compassionate, patient, and tolerant person. Excellent theme in an excellent poem. :D

  4. A strong person seeing that another is playing on their using their compassion against them and fighting back.I love this.

  5. Excellent work! Very realistic.
    It is hard to do the right thing in that situation, but allowing the behaviour to continue does more harm than good.

  6. Matt - Thank you. I think it's an important theme for people to think about and recognize.
    Fear - I'm glad you got the message and enjoyed it.
    bees - You're certainly right.
    Thanks all for stopping by!

  7. very true and real -a brave sentiment - thanks

  8. A great message of self respect. Well written.

  9. Extremely powerful and sad. I know people who are like this and you can't help but pity them.

    Nicely done.

  10. brilliant,
    we can not make others love us,
    loving oneself is what one can always do.
    it is part of self-respect.

    thanks for the lovely contribution.

  11. A cold slap of reality is sometimes the only way to get through. The message is poignant and worth driving home. Nice job, Jessica.

  12. a life lesson most people need to learn. Love yourself because that's your job.


  13. 15 - sometimes love has to be brave
    Andy M - I'm glad the self-respect came through
    Andy - I'm glad you saw the power
    Jingle - that's a wonderful comment, thank you
    Walt - honesty is often necessary; I really appreciate 'poignant', thank you
    Peggy - well said

  14. Love yourself - that's the most basic. If we dont, who will then love us?
    Wonderful piece :)

  15. Absolutely we can't make other's responsible for our happiness. Wonderful poem =)

  16. Well done. The touch of reality - the heart must be warmed before it goes out to another.

  17. ouch! that hurts...to not love one who loves you and pity him/her ouch!!! :(
    enjoy the rally!


  18. Clariice - definitely the message, thanks
    mind - thank you
    Harry - what a great way to say it!
    lynn - often pain is the start of growth

  19. This is the real thing ... and you cannot be much clearer than this. Well done.

  20. Very true. Nice poem.


  21. Liz - what a lovely thing to say
    Child - thank you