18 May 2011

Skid Marks

She burst onto the scene 
of my life
bringing adventure,
She left just as quickly, 
leaving skid marks 
across my heart.
Black marks 
that I fear will never fade.

Thinking of her body,
her joviality,
our exploits,
my face becomes damp with tears
and my heartbeat is dampened 
by sadness.

I try to be incensed,
to have fire in my heart,
but no such emotion can emerge
from the melancholy 
which has taken up residence 
in my soul.


Part of Three Word Wednesday CCXLI
Damp, incensed, skid


  1. I love the image from the first stanza... sorry about your loss.

  2. Love has a way of removig a skid mark that hurt has left o our hearts !!
    Love the poem !

  3. A perfect picture of grief. I could see those skid marks across a heart. Great take on the prompt.

  4. I liked the image of her leaving 'skid marks across my heart' - it follows on so well from her bursting into the narrator's life. Fully in character, I guess.

  5. beautiful imagery...
    i could feel the loss!
    thanks for sharing..

  6. Beautiful, I love the imagery and can feel the sadness. Nice writing!

  7. Oh my, wonderfully written and just so sad. It's been said, but I could feel the loss in those words.

  8. wonderfully composed piece..in all meanings of the word 'composed'..Jae

  9. Laurie - I'm glad it was so vivid for you
    JL - what great advice
    Nara- I'm glad it brought up the image I was imagining
    Fear - love sometimes is
    earlybird - thank you, I really enjoyed your comment.
    Tarunima - I'm glad you were able to connect
    Susannah - Thank you
    Deborah - it's ok to repeat sometimes, thanks
    jae - what a lovely comment, thank you so much

  10. Sad, and poignant. You said it so well! Thanks for sharing, Jessica. It was something I could relate to!

  11. Well said, especially when you want so badly to be hateful, angry, but all you feel is sadness.

  12. Beautiful portrayal of a broken heart. Wonderful use of the words

    My submissions are Nightmares and Jealousy

  13. Nicely done. I especially like this phrase: "She left just as quickly,
    leaving skid marks
    across my heart."

  14. so beautifully sad...

  15. Marks across the heart...sad but so beautifully expressed poem. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Oh! the depiction of sadness is uncanny, loved the last para, the sadness that has become so usual, that does not let be angry.

  17. Leo - I love when people connect with my poems, thanks
    Matt - well said
    mind - thanks
    Madeleine - that was the idea that started the peom, I'm glad you enjoyed it
    amazing & Eclipse - thanks for appreciating the beauty
    alive - I always hope people will understand and appreciate the feelings of the poem :-)