10 May 2011

Dreams Pass

In the merry month of May
In a morn by break of day
From a peaceful, made up place,
From a sweet dream, I awake
To find I am not at home,
But in a field. I'm alone.
My love is gone, though last night
we slept in bed side by side.
I wander about to see
Where this place might really be.
Seeing naught for many miles
I sit down and crack a smile.
This place just can't be real.
I pinch myself, try to feel.
I lie down, enjoy the grass,
Then let another dream pass.

Part of this week's Carry On Tuesday
Lines from: Phillida and Coridon by Nicholas Breton


  1. lovely! i like the rhyme & rhythm of this work. nice to read it aloud. :)

  2. marlene - thanks
    dsnake1 - i'm glad you enjoyed the rhythm

  3. Utterly beautiful, gorgeous flow :)