23 May 2011


If you've got an image 
in front of you, or
in your mind.
The real trick is
getting it out,
and on paper.

A curve here.
A few short lines there,
maybe a little longer.
Add some texture,
a few details.

It never looks quite right.
The image is always elusive.
Keep trying.
Keep practicing.
You'll never be perfect,
but that's ok.

Part of Jingle Poetry Potluck Week 36


  1. Need to have my daughter read this one. Very encouraging for the all who dabble in art. Thanks for visiting by my way. :)

  2. Sketching is a wonderful experience. Yes, imperfection is an art in itself. A wonderful poem. Lovely! :)

  3. It is the creative process that connects me to the Divine therefore, the end result is not very important. I like your poem very much. Thanks! pat

  4. nice words of encouragement :)
    thank you and enjoy the potluck!


  5. there is No definition of perfect ism on art.

    love the way you see how sketches work.

  6. It's the lack of perfection that brings out the character of the artist, I always feel, and makes the difference between reality and art. Otherwise there is no point.

    (Thanks for prompting the surprising philosophical interlude before breakfast!)

  7. Yes, it's okay to not be perfect. :)

    In fact, it's all you can hope for achieving.

  8. The creative journey is the fun part =)

  9. very perceptive.I think most artists agree with you - a work never quite seems 'finished'. I'm still working on finding that moment when it's OK to let a story go, because too much tinkering seems to eventually spoil it.

  10. "you'll never be perfect, but that's okay"...I love this line of yours, it could be a mantra for my life!

  11. Christine - Glad it's encouraging and thanks for sharing!
    carefree - very much appreciated
    pat - I'm glad you found a connection, both the poem and with the Divine
    lynn - thanks!
    Jingle - lovely comment, as always

  12. poetry - I love being philosophical!

    Eric - definitely true

    mind - and isn't life just one big journey?

    li - it just takes practice to know when you've worked it just enough and when you cross the line into too much editing

    zen - It's a good mantra for lots of people's lives. Glad you liked it!

  13. As a friend of mine, another poet, says: "Real is better than perfect."

  14. Mary - what a lovely sentiment
    Madeleine - thank you