25 May 2011

Daily Divine

What if God was one us:
would you see the divine
in your daily life?

Just a slob like one us:
would you think less
because of the mess?

Just a stranger on a bus:
would you offer your seat
to rest weary feet?

Trying to make his way home:
seek out the divine
in every life.

Part of Carry On Tuesday 106
Lines from Joan Osbourne's "One of Us?"


  1. I like what you did with this prompt!

  2. Interesting thoughts, Prescott. I am sure that if God was a passenger in a bus, many would not give Him a seat and if it was here, He would be harassed by the Conductor just like the rest.

  3. Mary - thanks
    Salem - it's interesting to think that people wouldn't recognize the Divine, but taking things for granted does that

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