26 April 2011

At least it started raining

It's rainy again
Third day in a row
Darker than it has been
And a bit more slow

The heat of summer
Fills up all the air
A lethargic bummer
Lots of skin being bared

New toy I got her
Dog's not up for playing
It could be hotter
At least it started raining

*May 5: Submitted to Thursday Poetry Rally Poetry Blog

*May 10: Thank you for The Perfect Poet Award!
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  1. enjoyed it.

    rain makes things change,
    love the sentiments.
    Happy Rally.

  2. How cute! I thought it was going to be sad, but the rhyme scheme made it fun to read.

    Enjoy the rally - My poem - Major D Evolution

  3. You capture the mood of the weather well. I like the rhyming and succinct form too.

  4. Great rhymes and cute poem.... Happy Rally

  5. god this is good. it's extremely hot where i'm located. it's 95F today here and very humid so i can relate.

  6. K - I'm glad it wasn't what you expected. :)
    diary - Thank you very much
    JL - Thanks for stopping by. Happy Rally
    cyber - Yeah, I often pray for rain when it's hot like that. A summer storm can be quite refreshing.

  7. This flows nicely.

    Thanks for sharing


  8. aww. love how you mentioned your dog in the poem. cute. great way to describe the wheather as well.

  9. Isabel - My dog has been a big part of how I experience weather lately. It seems mean to go outside without her, lol.

  10. Lovely rhyme about a moment and an experience, very engaging.

  11. Funny, we don't live in the same continent, but we seem to be experiencing the same weather. I was thinking "It could be hotter, at least it started raining" just earlier today. I enjoyed reading this. :)

  12. Lovely words flow.
    Enjoy reading your poem, Jess.

  13. Neezes - I'm glad you were able to connect with it
    The Reason - Thanks for stopping by!
    Meiro - thanks so much

  14. I could feel the oppression of heat...reminds of mid August in Florida...

  15. Oh It's hot here too in Delhi and I'm just waiting to go to my hometown it Kerala, where the monsoons will soon set in. The rain..ever so welcome when the earth is dry and parched. :-)

  16. I could sense the storm coming slowly...

  17. wolf - I'm glad you enjoyed the flow