19 April 2011


Spring has come:
frogs are speaking up,
turtles are poking out their heads,
and the regenerated chlorophyll
of spring buds
adds verdant shadows
to the forest,
formerly only pine and brown.

While not a tropical rain forest
showing off all 520-570 nm,
the lawn
of grass,
wild leek,
and clover
makes a sort of mini-meadow.

Ferns appear again
as moss grows anew,
adding olivine
and kelly shades to the trunks.

No electric
or neon
colors here, in the suburban jungle's
natural verdigris.

No sapphire
or emerald
(no matter the cadmium included)
could ever replace my celadon dreams.

Rejoicing in the viridian revival,
I'll take some tea
with mint
to help me remember guppie days from youth
and know the joy of jade.

Every line includes a reference to green. Some are trickier than others. I found Wikipedia's List of Colors very helpful.

*May 10: Included in Poetry Potluck Spring, Color, and Rainbows.
**May 18: Given the Celebrate Poets of Summer Award by the Promising Poets' Poetry Cafe community 


  1. Colorful, beautiful spring image

  2. Mind - thank you. It was fun to write.

  3. love to hear frogs speak up.

    well done.


  4. hehe, a very "technical" poem. Loved the charm and style of your writing. Good stuff! :)

  5. Jingle - yeah, frogs can be fun
    Psyche - The technical stuff was kinda fun, since I'm a Biologist. I'm glad you found it charming, thanks!