11 April 2011

The Road Oft' Taken

Two roads met up in a purplish glade
and there I met an old high school friend.
Long ago our goodbyes we had bade
as off we started our lives to pave.
Here we came, in age, to the same end.

We chatted a while and both looked back
and saw we had led different lives.
Although starting out on the same path,
I noticed she had something I lacked.
She took the more unusual track.

While both our paths had given us joy,
she had experienced more events.
She had helped the world through her employ.
taken a stand, and people cried, 'oh boy!'
when I had just sat there on the fence.

Looking back with my old tired eyes,
"Take a chance, get some experience"
I'll try to tell those children of mine.
I took the path more traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.

A mirror poem shows an opposite or complimentary point of view or theme compared to the original poem. In case you couldn't guess, I happen to enjoy Robert Frost's 'The Road Not Taken'.
I think my friend Catherine's mirror poem came out quite well.

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