12 April 2011

National Library Week Haikus

It is National Library Week. I've always thought the library was a magical, wonderful, special place, sacred in its own way. As a kid, I cataloged all my books at home on note-cards in order to make my own little library. Good books should be shared, after all.

I believe libraries are very important and provide many valuable services. If nothing else, there's no way I'd have room or money to be able to keep all the books I want to read. Thank you, dear library, for providing me with the space to grow, explore, and learn.

AtYourLibrary.org (twitter: @atyourlibrary) is encouraging twaikus (haikus posted on twitter) about the library. In that spirit, here is my tribute to libraries and reading.

Wonder and knowledge
found between stacks and pages.
Library is home.

Travel other worlds
and explore throughout our own.
Books will get you there.

Want to learn something?
Do you need some adventure?
See the library.

Browsing the titles,
holding and touching the words,
nothing beats a book.

enriched by books, flourishes.
Let's all fantasize!

The librarian:
researcher, book-shelver, and
all readers' helper.

Resume advice,
discovering your career:
library can help.

You have a question:
look at your library's shelves.
So many answers.

Can't seem to find it?
Just ask a librarian.
They are there to help.

Budgeting lessons,
internet, meetings, and more,
for free? Library.

Especially for Uncle Shane:
Need quiet study
free from all home's distractions?
Libary's for you.


  1. I like this. County just voted today to keep all county libraries open.(Some were facing closure). Unfortunately it comes at the cost of budget cuts to Police and Fire budgets. I think I could chip in another 5 bucks so we could have both.

    Anyway you loved the library from the first day I took you there. This reminds me of how your eyes just sparkled when we went to the library every week.

  2. I agree. I'd pay an extra five bucks to use the library for a year. It would pay for itself with every visit.
    I go to the library almost every week now, too. :)

  3. Thank you so much, Jessica. We are clearly cut from the same cloth (Grandma).


    Uncle Shane

  4. Thank you for posting the link to my blog post. It looks like Blogger added a trailing slash to the URL. This one will take them where they need to go.


    Uncle Shane

  5. I fixed the link. Thanks for noticing, Uncle Shane!

  6. I'm loving your poems! :-)

    - Steph