20 April 2011


Walking along,
whether sand,
or grass,
something special happens
when I'm bare-footed.

Earth becomes tangible.
Grass feels fresh.
Clovers communicate
a special coolness which
brings back my childhood.

The burn of sand or sidewalk
on a sweltering summer day
reminds me to look where I'm going
and plan ahead.

The past, present and future
can all be felt
through the feet
if you know how to walk
through the world.

My body feels the Earth
coming up to meet me.
The pressure lets me know:
I am real,
I am here,
I am now.

*May 10: Included in Poetry Potluck Spring, Color, and Rainbows.


  1. I love the feel of my feet in the clover. And I wonder every year why do we run across hot pavement? I am more tender footed now that I am older. I use to laugh when my Momma said that to me. Do you think our feet get more tender as we age as an indicator that we need to be more careful in general with our bodies and spirits? I Love this and I LOVE YOU!

  2. Love it, I actually focus on the feel of the ground beneath my feet when I want to bring myself into the present moment or when I am dreaming and I want to make it lucid.

  3. mind - What a great thought, making dreams lucid by grounding yourself. I feel like touching the ground makes the world more real. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Marlene - Love you, too, Mom. And I love the phrase 'tender footed'

  4. very well done.