10 April 2011

Guy in the red jacket

You'll never read this,
but rejection... is just so awful.

You had me at 'sorry, did i burn you?'
You serve me iced coffee sometimes.

Caught you looking!
I was eying you back.

I half-heard you say hey to me, so I didn't say anything back right away.
If only I could start a conversation with you.

Since I missed my chance,
just want you to know you're super cute.

Fate has an interesting way of working, and you tend to ignore the cues. It's ok, I do too.

Today's post is a collection of quotes from Missed Connections posts on Craig's List. Each line was taken from a different posting.
Found poems can be both fun and challenging. Also, I think they can be a good way to convey a shared experience, many points of view becoming one story.


  1. It's great when things just come together.

  2. This is a great idea! I like it.