23 April 2011



Into the future I hope to see
A saving, defending knight
Helping secure prosperity.
I reflect on the moon's might
Asking guidance on this night
And knowing it has been too long
Since I last sung an evensong.

Stephen Hawes
The Passetyme

O mortal folk, you may behold and see
How I lie here, sometime a mighty knight;
The end of joy and all prosperity
Is death at least, through his course and might:
For though the day be never so long,
At last the bells ringeth to evensong.

Today's inspiration taken from an arbitrarily selected poem out of this awesome poetry collection you should see about checking out:
The Viking Book of Poetry of the English-Speaking World
Ed. Richard Aldington
c 1941, 1958 The Viking Press, Inc
New York, NY

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