05 April 2011

Day 5 Foul Perfection

Foul Perfection

If everything were perfect, we'd be bored.
No bliss without the helpful depression.
No freedom without a lovely tyrant.

The helpful destruction of what we know
is sometimes the only path to growth.
Hurricanes, floods, and wildfires:
nature's way to make space for new life.

Remember, when wishing for perfection:
happiness will get tired and overdone.

NaPoWriMo suggested using this Serendipitous Oxymorons Creator today. I played around with it some, and I found a few thought-provoking things:

foul perfection
lovely tyrant
helpful destruction
festive misery
blissful shame
putrid love
depressing optimism
fruitful terror
beautiful punishment

1 comment:

  1. Both quite good but the Wish poem...Oh My don't remember every reading that before. It brings tears to my eyes. They are both very thought provoking.